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What is Quest Givers?

Quest Givers is a collaboration between two artists and writers. Creating monthly tabletop role-playing game adventure modules and tools that work in almost any tabletop role-playing game system.

Our focus is on building educational content around our series of modules and RPG tools to enhance the games people play.

Ultimately we want Quest Givers to become a community of creative people creating quality, useful content and tools for the tabletop RPG community at large.

Quest Givers releases a new campaign module on the first of each month and releases other products like Quick Quests and RPG Tools and additional content through our mailing list and our web store.

Who are Quest Givers?

Scotty McFarland (DM Scotty)

Scotty has a passion for tabletop terrain. In 2012 he got back into tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons and found that his players and he were not happy with simple grid maps and wanted something more visually appealing. Running through the expensive and hard to play on options he became obsessed with bringing a better experience for his players.

He made a list of criteria. Quick and easy to make, but still visually appealing to game on. Full access to the layouts for players sitting around a table, and cheap materials that did not break the bank. Over several years since then he pioneered 3 distinct systems to game on. His original “2.5D”, “2.5D NEXT”, and the current iteration “DM Scotty’s Tilescapes”. He has hundreds of videos on YouTube at TheDMsCraft.

Gareth Q Barrett (TheDMGinfo)

Inspired by Scotty's work on “TheDMsCraft” channel, Gareth started his own channel “TheDMGinfo” in 2013. In 2015 he began releasing videos for his first published module “Under the Tavern”. The series was the first full video walkthrough of a dungeon module to appear on YouTube. Sales of the PDF and DVD versions were enormously successful and still continue.

His thesis for his Masters degree in Narrative Film Theory and Practice was on “Universal Narrative Structure” and looked at the narrative structure of role-playing games, computer games and televised sport in relation to film theory.

Why Quest Givers?

As creators in the “terrain” sub-niche of the “tabletop role-playing game” community we wanted to broaden our influence in the main niche as well. We felt that there was a lack of creators putting out “usable” content on a regular basis. Not just a tool here and there, but an entire collection of modules and campaigns. Many people have high quality content that talks a lot about RPG tips and tricks, but there are not many who actively and consistently create materials for the wider community to use.

The other problem is that most content creators focus heavily on Dungeons and Dragons and almost all materials they do produce are restricted to Dungeons and Dragons, and mostly for the current fifth edition. We saw a unique opportunity to create materials that are system neutral and can therefore be used in any role-playing game system. This allows us to broaden the scope of our content and materials beyond a single edition of D&D and beyond D&D itself into a variety of other systems.

Where is Quest Givers?

When is Quest Givers active?

Video Collaborations:

Quest Givers is open to collaboration with video producers of all degrees of influence on all platforms of social media. Please contact us on, with the subject tag [COLLAB], with your idea for what we can do together so we can get the ball rolling on working with you. Please include links to all your content so we can learn more about what you do. We are very busy, so be prepared to be in a queue, so content which is quick and easy to produce will be preferred, but larger more involved projects will definitely be considered.

Module Collaborations with Writers and Artists:

As Quest Givers grows we would like to bring more writers and artists (and terrain makers) together in teams to produce even more content. Our ultimate goal is to create a place for the community to go to get quality, system neutral, curated content for use in their games.

In the beginning it may be a series of Quick Quests, or a single stand-alone module.

Reviews of Quest Givers' Modules:

Our only request if you are reviewing our work is that you include how you would adapt it and use it in your game. This helps to build a variety of different approaches to our work. Please send us a link so that we can share it with our community. Thank you for taking the time to review our work. We understand that there is a considerable amount of time that goes into doing reviews and we appreciate that, regardless of your ultimate opinion of the product.

Sponsorship, Product Placement & Advertising:

We are happy to consider proposals by companies and brands that align with our ideals and would be useful and meaningful to our community. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved and share your marketing message with our community in our products and through our videos and social media platforms.

We would prefer building an ongoing and scaleable relationship with your business, especially if you produce: Gaming systems, miniatures, terrain, system neutral materials, gaming aids and more.

Please contact to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help you out.


If you are an influencer of any size in the tabletop role-playing game community we are happy to discuss terms for collaborations and/or paid exposure to your audience. We are happy to discuss your quote and understand the value of your influence and the time involved in producing content. Please send us your fee structure to along with links to previous work you may have done on your channel for other brands/businesses.

We will consider flat rate, monthly fee, pay per click, pay per view, affiliate commission on sales or other forms of remuneration.

Products for Review:

We are happy to receive products for review, however they will be reviewed with our content in mind and how it can be used with our content and materials. By sending us your product we do not guarantee that we will share it with our community. It would be best to contact us before hand on to see if it is something that we would like to share.

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